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Onboard & Onboard Fleet Risk Control


Onboard combines smart in-vehicle mobile technology with a wealth of real world services, helping to look after you, your passengers and your car every minute of every day. Available as an app for individual users for their own car and in a fleet version to track full company fleets.

Features include:

Tracking of full company vehicle fleets with out of hours usage alerts, geofenced entry alerts for congestion zones, ports and custom zones

Vehicle health diagnostics and fault reports

Key driving and journey data, with ability to share your journey with other users in real-time

Nearest petrol stations, parking locations, and parking pin

Accident assitance and stolen vehicle tracking and alerts

Driving reports for fuel usage, emissions, braking,  hard acceleration and speeding alerts

Display and alerts for highest risk vehicles and drivers

Key headline risk values

Vehicle telematics for consumers and business

We created the suite of onboard apps for In-Car Cleverness on both iOS and Android.

Connecting to their state of the art vehicle telematics black boxes, the apps work as a great tool both for consumers, insurance companies, and for business users to allow tracking of entire vehicle fleets.

We have also created numerous enterprise apps for the company, with internal tracking and logging systems for their own drivers and service teams from other areas of the business.

  • Accident and safety assurance

    Tracking of G-force, acceleration, braking and vehicle diagnostics allows users vehicles to be monitored and contacted as soon as an accident happens, or a vehicles is stolen or towed.

  • Fleet management

    Quick and easy management of 100s of fleet vehicles in one app. With clear alerts for only the vehicles and drivers that need attention or actioning.

  • A suite of handy driver tools

    Packed with handy features such as nearest petrol stations, parking locations, parking pin reminders so you can find your car, and the ability to share your journey with others.

“I had a bump and got a call from Onboard asking if I was OK. They got me home and fixed the car.”

Mrs Burnham, Bedford

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