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SJM sales app


Designed and developed for St Jude Medical, the world leader in breakthrough technologies that transform the treatment of some of the world’s most expensive epidemic diseases.

Features include:

Dynamic interactive 360º product views and menus

In depth product information with videos, photos and downloadable spec sheets, pdfs and clinic information, all powered by a rapid access content management system

Detailed analytics of app usage, view times, app version, and breakdown of key product views by customers for targeted marketing follow ups

Latest global and regional company news, new product updates and clinical news

Enterprise distribution with secure access and unique, per user activation codes

Custom designs for iPhone, Android and tablet devices

A full range of print and off-line marketing materials handled from design to print and delivery

Print, marketing, exhibition and mobile design and development.

Our task was to create a mobile sales platform that would be used directly by medical staff and surgeons to allow them to browse the full range of cardiovascular products that are available from SJM.

Created for the world leader in breakthrough technologies that transform the treatment of some of the world’s most expensive epidemic diseases, the iPad, iPhone and Android app has an impressive range of interactive elements that bring the products to life.

With the aim of being much more than a product catalogue, with a all the latest industry news, clinical studies, interactive 360º 3D product views, educational links, all tied into a CMS for live updates and with in-depth user analytics and tracking, allowing SJM to view in depth user data on which products and information are being viewed by their users for targeted advertising and product information follow ups.

We have since gone on to manage a wide range of print material design, marketing, and exhibition stand design for the company.


  • Secure, restricted access and distribution

    The app was delivered off-store, with user registration and access only possible via a unique code per user, ensuring a secure system to keep the app confidential.

  • Detailed analytics and usage data

    The apps usage is tracked via an in-depth analytics system, allowing the customer to track usage, see the key areas most used, least used sections or hurdles that need improving, and most importantly the ability to track usage and key product section views on a user specific level.

    This allows SJM to directly follow up with targeted marketing direct to individual users based on the products that they are most interested in and view.

“The app looks great, really pleased with the flow and look. Great job!”

Cynthia Azucena, Vascular Product Manager, SJM

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