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Crickle® Escape into a challenge.



Crickle was graphically designed and developed for Shelley Couper, who had devised a word game with a classic feel.

What sets the game apart is the emphasis on ambience and design, being created for a wider audience than the majority of other word games on the market, which are full of awards, achievements and hectic time based challenges.

Crickle is more about intellectual escapism and a way to escape from busy commutes and hectic lifestyles into a relaxing challenge.

Features include:

Three different game modes: fun, challenge and customisable game types.

16 rows in which to complete the top scoring words based on time, word length and letter choice.

Unique game system that employs ‘Boats’ and ‘Floats’ to link letters to create scoring words (patent pending).

Global scoreboards.

Wallow in words

The rules are simple. Using the letters in your rack, compose a word and place it in the board. For the game to accept a word however, it must link to the word above. Words link via repeated letters.

Help is on hand in the form of Floats, these may be used to float a letter down form the row above.

Sounds simple? With three different game modes, from the quick pick up and play Fun mode, to the more tricky Challenge mode, and finally with a custom game mode to set your own rules, the game is infinitely customisable, challenging players of all abilities.

Easy to learn, but tricky to master!

Find out more at CrickleGame.com

  • A different sort of word game

    For a game that is undoubtedly competitive, Crickle is also a relaxing experience. So no big stressful countdowns, over the top positive reinforcements or crazy achievements. The game design is crisp, clear and classic, therefore attractive to seniors as well as younger age groups.

  • Web & Mobile

    We created the game primarily as an Android & iOS game, but also launched a cut back Breeze version on several of the leading desktop gaming sites, as well as developing the Crickle website for the player community.

“Excellent and unique game. Stands out from the rest.”


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