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Jetpack Jo’s World Tour



Designed and developed for one of our clients, Jet Pack Jo’s World Tour is a competition based side scrolling jetpack game released on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

Features include:

Fly Jo through ten different countries as he starts his world tour, avoiding obstacles and using your flying skills to navigate the game world.

Complete the tournament to be entered into a prize to win £10,000 in cash!

Weekly, and global scoreboards

Endless running arcade mode to hone your flying skills

A wide range of power ups including shrink-rays, trails to see your last play through route, jetpack and outfit upgrades and more

A perfect mix of fun, addictive and challenging gameplay

A global phenomenon

Designed to be a fun, challenging and insanely addictive arcade game, Jetpack Jo has all the makings of a classic.

With a whole range of power-ups, new jetpacks, shrink rays to make you smaller for challenging levels, and a trail system to allow you to see where you went wrong the last time, there are all sorts of pickups and IAP to make the challenge mode of ten levels that bit easier.

The game was also setup with a competition to be entered into a draw to win £10,000 from those players that finished all 10 levels by the end of the countdown. This lead to a huge number of downloads from all around the world, and even get radio and tv coverage in Turkey!


  • Just one more go!

    The perfect balance of fun, challenging and addictive gameplay lets users get to grips with the flight controls at an early stage, and then the difficulty ramps up progressively towards the end of the competition.

    Creating a ridiculously addictive, ‘just one more go’ game.

  • A global success

    The game has had a huge download rate from players all around the world, with radio and tv features.

“Awesome game! Highly Addictive, and that 10k prize is really sweet!”


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