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We created this as an internal games release to co-incide with the Spanish bull run – but based on the even from the other side.

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices for free!

Features include:

DODGE or JUMP the holes in the pavement by using the jump button or by jolting your device up!

TRAMPLE all the humans you see to get as many points as possible and to complete lots of achievements

RIDE OUT the time challenges!

RUN as a ninja, ballerina, or zombie

COMPETE to be on top of the leader-board

EXPLORE a gorgeous but slightly twisted landscape

COLLECT all of the weapons you can carry and use them for crazy results

POWER UP with a huge range of pickups, collectibles and additional content

Raging Bull

You’ve played games where you have to out run the bull. Ever played one where you are the BULL? Well, now you can! Take control of this raging crazy BEEF specimen (no horse included) and exact your revenge on the citizens of this small mountain town for everything that has ever been done to beef… including making it taste so darn good with cheese.

Chase them down and flip them off the screen! Splatter them all over the street. It doesn’t matter, just get those lil beef propellers working and shift it through the streets causing as much damage as you can! Oh, and watch out for the knives, screaming masked men and any random holes that just happen to appear. Who’d have thought a street would be so badly paved?


  • Insane illustrations

    We created a full animated, slightly twisted illustrated intro to introduce the story of BullHit, along with a wide range of crazy character designs and in-game elements.

  • 30k + downloads in the first month

    The game received over 30,000 downloads in it’s first month of release.

“Fantastic. Simple controls, funny idea and really nicely done graphics. Very addictive and simple gameplay.”

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