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Monkey Dreams



Monkey Dreams was one of our first in-house games, designed and developed on multiple platforms as a game for young children.

Features include:

Fly Monkey and avoid the objects in the world that will wake him up

Collect the Peaches to stay dreaming and to travel as far as you can in the Dream World

Collect the legendary armour of the Monkey King

Shoot down objects that get in your way using your peach stones

Fly through a beautifully illustrated and imagined world

Continuos scrolling game play that lasts for as long as you can fly monkey

A dreamy monkey adventure for children of all ages

Play Monkey Dreams and experience the dreams of a sleepy monkey. Take control of his dreams and help him get some rest by flying him through a beautifully imagined dreamscape.

Collect Peaches to keep Monkey dreaming and collect and use Stone Peaches to shoot down anything that threatens your dream. The game features a continuous scrolling world of 7 environments. Your dream will last for as long as you can keep Monkey flying and collecting Peaches.

Download for free on iOS now >

  • A safe family friendly game

    Designed for children, and intended to be a safe game they can play unattended.

    Once downloaded, there are no additional credits, in-app purchases or external links, creating a safe, fair and fun environment for the child to play.

  • Illustrated and developed in house

    A great example of the variety of illustration, character design and game world creation our in-house team can create.

“Beautiful graphics and really good fun!”

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