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We created OC-TANE as an internal game release, specifically for the new launch of the OUYA games console, and then rolled it out to mobile platforms as well.

Designed to bring back the fun of old-school same room multiplayer games we all used to enjoy back in the days like micro-machines and wipe-out.

Featured on Red Bull’s Top Games of August 2014 list

Features include:

High octane multiplayer racing with up to 8 players on screen at one time

Full custom level editor, allowing players to create and race their friends on their very own tracks!

A huge range of prebuilt tracks, and ships to race

Multiple game modes such as racing, time trial, tag, domination, capture the flag and oc-tane soccer

A huge range of power-ups, weapons and multipliers to make the racing even more hectic

Available on the OUYA console, iOS and Android devices

Ladies and gentlemen, choose your ships & buckle up!

OC-TANE is a “hi-octane” racing game. You take control of a multitude of futuristic, slick racing machines and fly as fast as you can around insanely wicked neon tracks. We all have great memories of playing such classics as Micro Machines, Golden Eye, Wipeout and Mario Kart. We want to make something that gives people the kind of memories and fun experiences that we have been given.

OC-TANE focuses on the multiplayer experience of competitive racing with your friends but has much more to explore. On Ouya we have build the game to support up to 8 players, and there is even a track editor, so that you build your own tracks, then challenge your friends to a battle on your own custom tracks!

The iOS version features a stripped down challenge system allowing you to directly challenge your friends, any where, any time! Load up your favourite ship, complete your best lap and then send a direct challenge to your friends. They can then race you and see your ghost on the track anytime they like!


  • Mobile & Ouya

    The game was originally created as an 8 player game and launched to co-incide with the release of the OUYA games console, we then rolled it out as a modified version on mobile platforms too.

  • Up the stakes!

    Up the stakes and challenge your friends to a race for real money! Using the built in Skillz engine, you can send direct challenges for whatever value you want, and see if your friends are man/woman-enough to step up to the challenge!

  • Old school party gaming

    Designed to bring back the fun of same-room, split screen competitive multiplayer gaming that we all used to love.

“Shades of future racer Wipeout, and those are some great shades, with a Tron-like feel and up to eight players.”

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