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My Dentist: Plaque Attack



Designed and developed for Europe’s largest dental care provider My Dentist, The Plaque Attack helps to educate children and parents about dental hygiene, with fun interactive content.

Features include:

Designed for use in dentist waiting rooms, and for educational use with parents

Fun tooth defence game with information facts about the key plaque, erosion and damaging food ingredients

Interactive colouring books with scenes that help reinforce tooth care tips

Interactive information and essential information you’ll need to look after your child’s smile during their early years, from newborn babies, toddlers and big boys and girls to mums-to-be

Created for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

An engaging mobile marketing game

The game was designed to bring nasty foods to life in a fun way, with illustrated character designs, and a fun easy to play game mechanic that kids of any age can pick up.

With additional tips and information for parents the app can be used in My Dentist waiting rooms, and as a publicly released game on the app stores for Apple and Android


  • A mobile first for My Dentist

    This was the first mobile software created for the brand, and has been a great success both with customers and internally within the company.

mobile game character illustrations
“We’ve had so much positive feedback and that the game is very addictive! Thanks for all your work on this.”

Carmen Liu, MyDentist

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