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Richie’s World of Adventure

Created in 2012 for Urenco, a leading nuclear enrichment provider, in partnership with Triad Limited. This was created for use as part of their educational program to nurture the next generation of nuclear scientists and engineers.

We designed and developed the game for iOS, Android, Web, PC and touch screen displays for use in exhibitions.

The game revolves around a core platformer mechanic, with a wide range of unique mini-games in each of the countries Richie visits.

Features include:

Help Richie charge his battery by collecting power across 12 levels and iconic landmarks in the UK, USA, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland & UAE

Collect power orbs and beat your friends high scores

Avoid the electrical devices which will zap your power and drain your battery

Learn fun and relevant facts about nuclear energy and power consumption

Show off your skills on the global scoreboard

Share your scores with your friends on Twitter and Facebook

Richie’s World of Adventure, a brand new platform game from URENCO. Follow Richie’s action-packed adventures as he takes on a mission to power the world.

Play through 12 different countries, each with their own exciting mini-games in some of the world’s most iconic locations – you can help Richie scale the Eiffel Tower and Statue, Statue of Liberty and many more, all whilst learning about the core selling points of nuclear energy.

Created in partnership with Triad Ltd for Urenco. Find out more at:

  • Mixing education & fun

    It’s always a challenge to get the balance right between education and fun in e-learning games. As it’s vital the game is fun to play, but never at the expense of getting across the key educational messages.

    We achieved this with glowing feedback from both the clients, and the children playing the game, with the core message built into the gameplay itself, without breaking the fun to display facts and figures.

“We delivered the game on time and on budget for our client… and we were all blown away by the end result and look forward to working with the Sync team again.”

Warren Drew, Creative Director, Triad Ltd.

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