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SEV Learning contacted us to design and develop an educational mobile e-learning game for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, to help children learn French.

Features include:

Unique character designs

French and English voice overs

STORY MODE : Through unique and fun animated stories, learn words, phrases, and more with your favourite characters.

HANGMAN : Test your knowledge of the words you’ve learnt through the stories in a fun game of hangman that aids learning.

INTERACTIVE ALPHABET & NUMBERS : Learn the alphabet, and numbers in a fun interactive way. Learn at your own pace, or learn through animates songs.

COLOURING : Learn the colours, and colour in your own scenes from the game. Save these to use as your iPad or iPhone backgrounds and share them with your friends!

Learning made fun

We came up with a fresh, modern and fun illustration style and character designs to lift the game beyond the usual much more basic e-learning games, creating a fun experience for kids which is ultimately one of the key obstacles in getting children to keep using educational software.

With stories told through the eyes of three different characters, the story teaches key words and phrases, backed up by a hang-man game to test the words learnt that must be passed before the can progress.

With a great system of vibrant rewards, gamification, strong praise and no negative feedback, with help systems for users who are struggling, plus several other fun features the game brings a different approach to e-learning software.


  • Positive reinforcement

    The game makes use of positive reinforcement throughout the challenges, with help provided for when children get stuck on answers.

    This keeps it a rewarding and fun experience even when children are struggling, to keep them wanting to play the game.

  • Professional voice overs

    Customer created voice overs and phonetics help to make the learning process clear and fun.

“The whole process was smooth and very straight forward, the team was very helpful and responsive.
I was also very impressed with the level of customer service I received.
I would definitely recommend them in the future.”

Severine Theodore – CEO SEV Learning Ltd.

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