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The Lightwave RF Smart Phone App


The Lightwave app connects to the full suite of Lightwave RF home automation products, allowing users to control everything in their home from their phones.

Features include:

Monitor, control and schedule lighting, power and heating requirements by individual room

Define and name Rooms that reflect the layout of your own home

Allocate and name devices within each room

Set Moods by room for lighting and power – for example, fully on for cleaning, some lights dimmed and the TV off for reading, and nice and cosy dimmed lights when watching TV

Build complex events to turn on or off multiple devices across many rooms with one button

Schedule single devices or events to activate at certain times by day, week and month

Automatically link schedules to sunrise and sunset times

Add random delays to events to create that genuine “look like you’re at home when you’re not at home”

Schedule heating programmes by individual room

See your electricity usage real-time, and totals so far today and yesterday

Control your entire home wherever you are from one free App.

The LightwaveRF Smart Home Platform allows you to monitor and control lighting, power and heating whether you are in the home, or out and about, using a smart-phone, tablet or PC. The product range consists of attractive and affordable dimmer switches, power sockets and thermostatic radiator valves, plus a large range of other innovative products, some of which are simple plug ‘n’ play and others that can be easily retrofitted by any competent DIYer. All devices communicate wirelessly eliminating the need for any additional wiring.

Every dimmer, socket, radiator valve, relay and sensor communicates wirelessly to the LightwaveRF App via the ‘Lightwave Link’ – a smart, small plug & play box that simply plugs into your existing WiFi broadband router. Features such as timers, events and mood lighting come as standard. You can also control LightwaveRF devices not just from within your home, but from anywhere in the world with the app.


  • A long term partner

    We have been working with Lightwave for several years, from their initial applications to the latest release seen here, as well as a long term future strategy for the evolution of the software platforms.

  • Usability and design

    Working closely with Lightwave, we helped to develop the UI & UX design for use throughout the app.

  • A reliable dependable solution

    In-depth testing of communication protocols, hardware connections and controls, timings and location services during the development process have resulted in a solid and dependable application.

“Awesome! I just started installing this in my house and I’m super impressed, the app works great.”

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