By Mark Holland

When it comes to updating your brand identity, it’s always a balancing act, especially so for companies who have very strong brand loyalty and recognition that has taken years to achieve.

So how can you go about modernising your identity without loosing your brand recognition?

We’ve been looking to update our branding along with our own website for some time, as after 5 years of business, trends have changed, our business has evolved and to be completely honest we got bored of the image we were putting out to our customers and decided it was time for a revamp!

So we wanted to share our thoughts on how to effectively update your branding whilst still keeping your recognition.


the challenge

The main challenge is getting the balance of how far to push the change, whilst retaining enough of the feel that embodies your brand and that which customers associate with you.


Out with the old

For us, we had a chunky solid typographical logo, with a small syncing icon. This icon was carried across all the online and offline marketing materials, and was used in various ways which became a strong part of our brand image.

The logo looked too bulky, dated and crowded with the URL built into the logo.

We wanted to create something much more modern, slick, clean and vibrant, incorporating a logotype that we could use as a single iconic piece of branding.


old sync interactive branding


In with the new

The first stage was to look at the iconography, with months of work, ideas and tweaks, we looked at hundreds of designs incorporating the idea of the syncing icon and the letter S.

We tweaked and perfected this down to what you see now, the vibrant, stacked, flat colour S icon that maintains some of the symmetry and hints of the old syncing icon, but also represents the lettering at the same time.

Up next was the typography, we wanted to strip down the bulky old logo, to create something more minimal, slick and modern.

So we took the brave step to lose the ‘interactive’ in the logo type, sticking with just the SYNC wording.

Whilst doing this had the potential to risk loosing the message of WHAT the company does, it created a much sleeker identity which is exactly what we were looking for.

So to help solve that issue of loosing the message, we introduced a tag line to be used across varios marketing :


Short, punchy and to the point.

Linking the two

To make sure our identity and brand recognition wasn’t lost despite the substantial changes to the details of the logo, we thought it was vital to keep the strong vibrant orange that was a key part of our old identity, but tweaked it slightly to a more punchy vibrant hue.

Using this for the main iconography, along with maintaining the dark grey shades for the typography means the common colour pallets used across all branded online and offline materials were instantly recognised as ‘us’ at first glance.

So even though we changed the typography, icon and even the name used in the logo, by maintaining some of the common elements used in our branding as a whole, we have still maintained the brand recognition we are known for.

If you’re interested in updating your branding,¬†why not get in touch and see what we can create for you?


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