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New Release: Highways Toolbox app for Consilium

In App releases by Mark Holland

We’ve just released the Highways Toolbox app for Birmingham based Consilium Traffic Services.

This innovative app gives access to all the tools that use to only be available to office based staff. Whether it is locating and routing marker posts on the M6 or reporting a pot hole on a rural road this app has you covered.


We provide our clients with detailed plans and in addition we add a QR Code enabling our client the navigation and guidance to their desired location, with the latest weather and real-time traffic reports we give the user time to plan their journey, reduce congestion and lower emissions.

Search and navigate through our marker post database, covering various parts of the network the app gives the user the ability route to their desired location, plan their journey, reduce congestion, lower emissions and view weather conditions.

Information is key in our industry, so with the use of our site visiting tool the user can pin point their exact location, allow them to take a photograph of the work area/ POI and fill out a report which is then sent straight to our Head Office for analysis. Great for emergency jobs that need that quick turnaround!

Our Test tool is perfect aid to help you prepare for future refreshers or even just grow your knowledge of the industry.

In this tool we house all relevant up to date documentation relating to the Traffic Management Industry. Whether you need to look up permitted variants of signs or study a topic you are not sure about to complete our multiple choice test we have it.

Download on Android here.

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